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Writer:Ana Maria Hermida

Director: Ana Maria Hermida

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Genre: Fantasy/Drama





Alix tells the story of CONEJO, a skilled soldier at the top of his ranks, and a 12-year-old girl, ALIX, who he recruits to be a child soldier in the Colombian jungle. Alix sees everything through magical realism and experiences her captor as her savior. It’s a redemptive coming-of-age tale about the discovery of inner strength and family.
Alix is an imaginative little girl who lives on a ranch in a remote part of Colombia with her submissive mother and abusive stepfather. On the night of her 12th birthday, she decides to run away with Conejo, a 38-year-old guerrilla fighter whose job is to recruit virgin girls for his boss, Ramon. Conejo promises Alix she will be part of a real family so she embarks on what she sees as a magical journey through the jungle. As they walk to the guerrilla camp, a unique father-daughter relationship develops. Surprised by his feelings, Conejo soon finds himself torn between this newly formed bond and his secret mission to save the woman he loves who is pregnant and waiting for him back at the camp. Alix is his ticket to freedom but when his boss Ramon actually begins to abuse her, Conejo is forced to pay the ultimate price.



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The Colombian-born, Los Angeles-based creative first broke out in 2015 via her debut feature film ''La Luciérnaga'' (The Firefly), which won the coveted Jury Award at the 2017 Toulouse ''Gay Film Festival'', in addition to receiving multiple nominations at the 2017 ''Macondo Awards", the equivalent to the Academy Awards in her motherland.

The film premiered as part of the ''Female Filmmaker New Mavericks'' section at the 2015 ''Atlanta Film Festival'' and screened at the 2015 ''Annual Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana'' in Cuba, among other notable international film festivals. Netflix purchased ''La Luciérnaga'' in 2017. Born and raised in the Colombian capital of Bogotá, Hermida first cut her teeth at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where she won the Outstanding Achievement in Directing and Outstanding Film awards at the school’s annual ''Dusty Film & Animation Festival'' in 2009 for her short film ''El Elefante Rojo'' (The Red Elephant).

Hermida’s unique cinematic style blends an honest, raw, and real visual aesthetic with striking elements of fantasy and magical realism, and heartfelt drama. Inspired by her personal experiences and everyday encounters, her storytelling and themes explore complicated, and often taboo, sociopolitical issues, while presenting them in a digestible and intelligible manner that’s relatable to a universal audience. Her breakout film La Luciérnaga, which was inspired by the real-life loss of her younger brother, analyzes themes like homosexuality and death, while ''El Elefante Rojo'' examines child prostitution and female politics. She also integrates her bold identity and influences from her homeland—all of her projects were filmed and are set in Colombia—into her work, which expresses a sense of collective femininity and depicts her individual yet challenging upbringing as a Latinx filmmaker in the industry. ''Alix'' is her second film.



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