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6 Movies
6 Directors
6 Months


Senior Executive Producer - Holly Levow
Senior Story Editor - Jennifer Klein
Executive Producer/ Director - Richard Gibson
Producer - Kerry Doyle
Line Producer/UPM - Maja Ilić

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6-part documentary series following female filmmakers​



It has been said that "making a movie is like going to war, only harder”. A 'catalyst' is defined as a person or thing that precipitates an event that results in change....'Catalyst’ the documentary is both witness to the challenge of filmmaking and hopefully the spark of change. The six-part series is about catalyzing change by providing six female and non-binary directors the opportunity to helm their first feature length project.


Following six different films across six different genres with different female teams, Catalyst follows the trials and tribulations of making a movie and how each of the directors and their female producers deal with the challenges of production. As the films shoot in Eastern Europe and South America, we observe the challenges of filmmaking tackled with varying perspectives and solutions.


Catalyst the series is a discovery of triumph and an exploration into the human spirit of storytelling seen through the female lens. We will explore the individual journeys of our filmmakers and the industry as a whole in hopes of creating a better understanding of how best to support and empower women in the film industry. Catalyst the series will educate and enlighten the audience as they witness the filmmakers transforming a simple script into a major motion picture,

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