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Writers: Ryan Richter & Chris Fogleman

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Genre: Action



This movie opens when a 'man' dressed as Jesus interrupts a church sermon and shoots the preacher in a front of this congregation- the most shocking part about it, is that seconds later "Jesus" is immediatately embraced by child from one of the pews. We find our Jesus is our lead. Blake, and the preacher was malesting the children from his church. As we get to know Blake, we discover that her life is made up of her work and talking on the phone daily with her mom June, who want desperately for Blake to find love. We don't know what Blake did before she killed for a living, but we know that Blake has lost her husband and toddler in a car accident and has since found herself as a high-ranking hit woman. The team run by Brody has 5 unique members that must follow a strict code of ethic to achieve their tasks. Blake is serious about her job and goes to great lengths to not just be the best, but also keeps to her own rule of honour. She doesn't just kill who she is assigned to kill. She only kills if she knows they are guilty. This rule of Blake's becomes tricky when she is assigned a high-profile case from a congresswoman's accusation. Blake  also begins to fall for him. Brody cannot afford for this case to be dropped; the congresswoman is how Brody is able to keep his business running with the government closing its eyes to this very profitable operation. Brody begins sending his other assassins to get "rid of the virus" and Blake gets in their way. Blake's honor takes her as for as killing every one of her fellow assassins including her dear friend Simon. In the end, Brody kills the congresswoman for threatening his operaton and sending his team after an innocent man and Blake gets to finally tell her mom that she is dating someone. 


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