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Writer: Russell Gewirtz 

Director: Michelle Salcedo

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Genre: Action/Pursuit











A seemingly naïve ‘call girl’ escapes the clutches of a notorious gangster with a cell phone containing all his secrets. A hard-ass female cop, who may or may-not be crooked, is given the job to ``get the Hooker to Detroit``, on time and in one piece” to testify. In a fast paced, action- packed chase, we discover not everyone is who they pretend to be.
The story starts in the investigation room with Leah Bender retelling the story of her latest case to a pair of skeptical guys from Internal Affairs - Ruiz and Boyle.

A week earlier - they were the agents that roped Bender into the task of getting a ‘Call Girl’ and the secrets in her possession back to them. Bender is tough, experienced and not afraid to ‘break a few eggs to make her omelet’. She keeps the ‘Call Girl’ - Gloria, handcuffed and on a tight leash. She can open a beer can with her forearm and tackle 2 truck drivers all by herself in a diner. Bender takes it upon herself to use her other contacts to figure out why this case is so important and what it is Gloria has that everyone wants. As they travel across country together dogging gangsters and crooked cops on their tale, they form a bond and a trust that no one expects. Gloria begins to trust Bender and tells her of about the secrets she keeps and the dangers they face.

As Bender and Gloria move across country, they put the pieces together and we find who is the rat in this operation - Senior FBI Agent Kathryn Archibald. In a mad dash to the end involving tracked cellphones, stolen cars and shoot outs, we discover that Ruiz, and Boyle are actually FBI agents not Internal Affairs. Bender gets her revenge on the bad guy thanks to his Detroit cop crew, and we discover that Gloria is actually an undercover Federal Agent named Stephanie Unger.

Michell Salcedo


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Michelle Salcedo, named Best New Filmmaker of the Year in 2020 by New Filmmakers L.A., is an award winning writer/director with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. Michelle strives for authenticity, drawing from her Latinx experience and achieves a nuanced representation of the Latin American diaspora in her storytelling. Her filmmaking style is highly cinematic, influenced by auteurs like Kieslowski and Iñarritu. Born in Miami, of Cuban and Ecuadorian descent, she moved to New York to attend Columbia University and graduated with a B.A. in film studies. She worked at Miramax Films producing theatrical trailers for over 30 films including Academy Award winner, "Chicago" and "Gangs of New York". She's edited over fifty episodes of non-fiction T.V. for networks: Bravo, TLC, VH1, MTV and Univision. Her directorial debut, "Piel Canela/Cinnamon Skin" shot on location in Cuba, started its festival run in 2019, so far winning seven jury prizes including "Best Produced" at the Academy-qualifying Holly Shorts Film festival and an audience award at the Chicago Latino Film Fest. She wrote and directed the feature, "Woman of the House", a female-centric dramedy that premiered at the Laemmle as part of NoHo Cinefest 2021. By creating compelling, character-driven work in TV and Film, Michelle hopes to empower future generations of filmmakers to express their unique visions.



Raised in Michigan, Meg was first scouted at Jeff Daniel's theatre. She was cast and received her Equity card before graduating. She graduated Valedictorian of her college and shortly after was cast as the lead in her first feature film. Moving to New York City, she worked with the critically acclaimed Cherry Lane Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Club and Primary Stages, among others. She also executive produced and starred in a play written by Beau Willimon (House of Cards), Elizabeth Meriwether (New Girl) and Billy Eichner (FunnyOrDie). She was Glamour Magazine's "IT" girl, hosting an improvised comedy season of "Why Do Guys?" as well as starring in similar campaigns for Microsoft and Samsung, among numerous National and Regional commercials. After working behind the scenes in both management and production, she began freelance producing in 2015. Along with pilots and award winning shorts, she has produced multi- million dollar feature films and critically acclaimed series. She has recently written and developed TV series with her companies, Messmerize Entertainment and New South Independent.


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The CEO, founder and “heart and soul” of Caicedo Productions Corp, Ms. Caicedo is an innovative, director, producer and writer who has overseen more than 25 successful theatrical productions. 

Drawing upon her urban cultural experiences and extensive creativity, Ms. Caicedo has used her unique vision to produce and/or direct such projects and plays as Black Latina the play, They Call Me LA LUPE (Starring Lauren Velez of “Dexter”), SUNSHINE by Lawrence Dukore, Patrick Marber’s Closer, The ONE Festival, International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and Faded by Robert Dominguez, among others. 

Ms. Caicedo has served as Theater Director for Project Reach Youth, Teatro El Puente and The Loisaida Players at Loisaida Inc., where she was a safe-sex educator. For over a decade, she was Managing Theater Director for Teatro LATEA at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center. Caicedo Productions will continue its growth and development incorporating professional theater/film productions and festivals in local communities such as the annual The ONE Festival in April and the IPRHFF in November.

Otmara Marrero - ELIZA LEE BENDER


Otmara Marrero is a talented Cuban-American actress who has recently made the headlines,thanks to Netflix’s launch. She was born on March 01, 1989, in Miami, FL. She has made numerous appearances in movies and television shows over the years. Marrero gained fame as Izzy Morales in Crackle’s StartUp series. Her acting debut came in 2015 with Ballers, in which she appeared alongside Dwayne Johnson. The following year, she gained fame with the prestige series StartUp on Crackle. Although critics panned the show, fans loved it and it ran for three seasons. Her first job out of high school was cheerleading for the Florida Marlins. Before pursuing her career goal, she focused on her job for two years. A few of the films and television series she appeared in between 2015 and 2017 included Instant Gratification, Ballers, Graceland, My Daughter’s Dilemma, Trapeze, Startup, and Yoshua. In 2018, she appeared in Miss Arizona, Vandal, Clementine, Off the Rails, and New York Undercover. An award for best actress was presented to her at the Liverpool International Film Festival as well as a Breakthrough Performance Award at the Downtown Film Festival.

Otmara Marrero
Katie Clarkson-Hill

Katie Clarkson- Hill - GLORIA


Katie Clarkson-Hill is a well-known British movie actress. She became prominent in the film and television scene after her excellent performance on films and TV series like “Grantchester”, “Trust me”, and “The Innocents”. She also had a noticeable role in the TV series “Grace”. Apart from her acting career, Katie is also a fitness enthusiast and a healthy life style promoter.
She played the role of Gloria in “Switch and bait” and she has a lot of upcoming projects.

Berto Colon - EMILIO RUIZ


Berto Colon was born on May 18, 1973 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He is an actor, known for Conviction (2016), Orange Is the New Black (2013) and Show Me a Hero (2015). He also had roles in some of the most valued TV series such as All my children, Gossip Girl etc. He moved to the US as a teenager. He attended Fordham University on a football scholarship. After a football injury to his knee, he decided to pursue acting. Colon is married and has two daughters, Sofia and Laila. His hobbies include acting, surfing and traveling.

Fedja Štukan - GORAN BROCK


His first film role was in 2003, in the award-winning Bosnian film directed by Pjero Žalica "Fitilj", after which he appeared in numerous films in the country and the region. His first starring role was in Oscar-nominated director Juanita Wilson's award-winning Irish film As if I were Gone, in which he co-starred with Stellan Skarsgård. He also starred in the film "In the Land of Blood and Honey" directed by Angelina Jolie and with Radet Šerbedžija. After that, he played roles with some of the biggest names in today's film industry, such as Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Noomi Rapace, Tom Hardy.[3] He won the award for best actor for his role in the film "Fuse" at the Krakow Film Festival in 2004.[4] Štukan founded the production company Relative Pictures in 2010



Screenshot (15).png

Stoan Maslev is a first-generation American with Bulgarian and Macedonian roots. He was born in Bronxville, NY, and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. He has appeared in several independent short films and landed his first feature film supporting role in Summer Night (2019) directed by Joseph Cross. Growing up in the arts, he attended magnet art programs all his life, finishing off at SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory.

Langston Fishbure



Langston Fishburne is an American actor and ballet dancer, best known for his appearances in films such as ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet in Harlem.’ He is the son of popular American actor Laurence Fishburne. Being born to an actor father and a casting director mother had a strong impact on Langston as a child. He developed an interest in the same field. He completed his high-school graduation in New York and attended ‘Boston University’ for further studies. Additionally, he also trained in ballet. He made his acting debut in 2011, appearing as ‘Henry’ in the TV film titled ‘Have a Little Faith.’ He then appeared in a supporting role in the series titled ‘Vanessa & Jan.’ Over the course of his short career, he has appeared in films such as ‘Romeo and Juliet in Harlem’ and ‘The Dunning Man.’ He also appeared in many short films, such as ‘The Neverlands,’ ‘Tiny Ocean,’ and ‘Roger.’ However, he is best known for appearing as a young ‘Bill Foster’ in the 2018 superhero film ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp.’ The older ‘Bill Foster’ was played by his father, Laurence.



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