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Taking the punches and the distance


Genre: Boxing Drama

Writer: Tamika Miller

Director: Tamika Miller

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When CHERYL “NO MERCY” STEWART, a two-time former boxing champion and recovering alcoholic attempts to reconnect with the 19-year-old son she abandoned, she is met with a wall of resentment. The only thing stopping KEITH STEWART, a street hustler and promising young fighter, from a world boxing title is his bad attitude. When he suffers an unnecessary loss because of his gambling-addicted trainer, he’s forced to turn to the only person who has what ittakes to get him to the top– his mother.

Determined to right past wrongs and reclaim her glory, Cheryl trains her estranged son. Despite her struggles of addiction, and the threat of Child Protective Services taking her 7-year-old daughter away, she coaches Keith to a series of victories. Meanwhile, Keith’s lifestyle lands him in jail, where his former trainer visits him and lures him away from his mother’s camp with news, she blocked him from a title shot. What would it profit a mother to gain the whole world and lose her son?

Devastated by Keith’s betrayal, Cheryl gives up on her dream of training a champion and hangs up her boxing mitts. She returns to the bottle and temporarily loses custody of her daughter. Humbled after another major loss, Keith returns to her. Back on the wagon, Cheryl tries to reclaim her family and her legacy. She gives a hard sell to a prominent boxing promoter, desperate to secure an opponent for the middleweight championship, to put up Keith. The promoter reluctantly agrees. Cheryl attempts to make boxing history and do what no other mother has ever done - train herson to a world championship title.



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Tamika Miller is an award-winning commercial and narrative director/writer living in Los Angeles, California. Her numerous awards include Best Commercial at the LA Femme Festival, Showtime Black Filmmaker Showcase Grand Prize for Best Narrative - of which her films aired on the Showtime Cable Network, Outfest Audience Award for Outstanding Short Narrative, San Francisco Black Film Festival Award for Best Short, Reel Sisters Film Festival Award for Best Short Narrative and many others. Tamika recently directed and co-produced the indie feature HONOR STUDENT. In 2020 Tamika directed the television movie THE CHRISTMAS LOTTERY for MarVista Entertainment. This same year she was selected by renowned poet, novelist, and activist Marge Piercy to interpret her poem, To be of use, for Motionpoems - the world's  leading producer of poetry films. In 2019, SHOOT Magazine chose Tamika as' NEW Directors to watch and presented her work at the Directors Guild of America in New York. Tamika was selected as one of only six directors, from over 400 applicants, to participate in the Commercial Directors Diversity Program – a DGA/AICP initiative created to increase the representation of women and under-represented directors in commercial advertising.

As a writer, Tamika's work often reverberates with social commentary, as seen in her award-winning film /smōkd/ - a powerful short narrative that tackles the timely subject of police brutality through the eyes of twelve grand jurors deliberating the fate of a police officer.

An advocate for storytelling where women and people of color are at the center, Tamika co-founded Black Films Travel - a conscious initiative that dispels the myth that Black films make money overseas.


 Wanda Sykes


Aside from her many award-winning television appearances, Sykes has had a successful career in film, appearing in box office hits Monster-in- Law (2005), My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), Evan Almighty (2007), and License to Wed (2007), as well as voicing characters in animated films such as Over the Hedge, Barnyard, Brother Bear 2 (all in 2006), Rio (2011), the subsequent films of the Ice Age franchise (2012- 2016), and UglyDolls (2019).



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